Welcome to the Lay Valley Bison Ranch

Lay Valley is located in between Craig and Maybell, in northwest Colorado. We specialize in selling buffalo products worldwide and luckily for you, part of our buffalo ranch runs adjacent to Highway 40, west of Craig Colorado. This affords you a chance to see some of Dan Martin's beautifully rugged animals as you drive down the highway. There's always a car or two pulled off the highway with someone taking pictures. Here you don't have to pull over, just look around our website, and see some of these magnificent animals.

Cow and Calf

These massive animals can weigh up to 2000 pounds, for a mature bull, with a three year old running in the 1200 to 1500 pound range, and cows average about 1000 pounds, on the hoof. They graze constantly and live a nomadic life requiring a lot of ground to keep them fed and happy. That's what the Lay Valley Bison Ranch has, a lot of ground. Our buffalo herd is not confined to a small area feedlot, or anything like that, but is allowed to graze freely on our acreage. Wild in nature, they can be deadly when threatened, and with a head that can measure 24 inches across, with short stout horns, these are not an animal to approach in the open. We have steel corrals with dents in the solid steel gates where an old bull decided he didn't want to go there. The bull was fine, but the gate died. Do not get out in the pasture with these animals. Tours and hunts are available.

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We harvest these animals, and make use of every part. We sell the meat, the hides, horns, the bleached skulls, the bones, the sinew, and the hooves. If you are a craftsman or a leather worker we can provide you with the best quality buffalo by-products and leather you will find.

With the average skull width of 23 inches, these bleached skulls make a magnificent addition to a trophy room.

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